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The story that sparked the hottest XML discussion of the year Now that the newly XML-enabled version of Microsoft Office, code-named "Office 11," is in its first official beta release, XML-J Industry Newsletter went straight to Tim Bray, co-inventor of eXtensible Markup Language, and asked for his exclusive views on this improvement in what Microsoft routinely - if immodestly - characterizes as "the world's leading suite of productivity software." Asked if he'd been involved at all in the XML-enabling of Office 11, Bray replies that he hadn't: "No, not in the slightest," he assures us. However, he did receive extended hands-on demos of the alpha and beta software, he says, which gave him the opportunity to test-drive and evaluate the suite. Word Files Are Now Also XML Files When asked how XML-enabling will make a difference in MS Office, Bray quickly zeroes in on what... (more)

Software AG's XML Mediator Uses Adaptive Technology to Improve the Speed and Efficiency of XML Document Integration

(May 23, 2002) - Software AG, Inc., a pioneer in XML technologies, has announced the general availability of XML Mediator, a tool for building XML information exchange hubs. XML Mediator manages XML interactions that discover relevant information and uses that information to trigger behavior, such as routing documents or messages to an appropriate destination or transforming the content to other XML formats or presentation styles such as HTML, PDF or WML. Enterprises face a major integration challenge when dealing with diverse XML vocabularies. Some potential XML users are waitin... (more)

New Company, Swingtide, Launched to Manage XML Complexity

(September 25, 2002) - Three veteran entrepreneurs have launched Swingtide, a new software company whose aim is to protect, measure, and maximize companies' Quality of Business amid the proliferation of XML. Swingtide was founded by three veteran software entrepreneurs, one a former CTO of one of the nation's largest insurers. The company has raised $4 million in first-round financing from Pequot Ventures, the investment arm of Pequot Capital Management; and private investors. Cofounders Jack Serfass and David Sweet were founders of Bowstreet. Cofounder David Wroe was previously ... (more)

Stylus Studio 4.6 Released, Featuring Integration with SonicXQ ESB, New XQuery Editor

(March 5, 2003) - Sonic Software's new Stylus Studio 4.6 integrates Stylus Studio's hallmark XSLT debugger with the SonicXQ enterprise service bus (ESB), making it easier to develop transformations stored within the SonicXQ environment. Additional new features in Stylus Studio 4.6 include an XQuery editor and debugger, an XML-to-HTML WYSIWYG editor, a graphical XML Schema Designer, and an automated XML Schema Documentation Generator. Integration of Stylus Studio with the SonicXQ ESB provides a powerful combination for standards-based integration projects. For a limited period Son... (more)


Bristol Technology Announces eXactML 1.2 (Danbury, CT) - Bristol Technology Inc. announces eXactML 1.2, with support for Sun Solaris SPARCompiler 4.2 and XHTML. eXactML 1.2 XML-enables C++ applications by generating object-oriented interfaces for reading and writing valid XML content based on any DTD or schema. Using new parsing technology that proved to be at least three times faster than DOM, eXactML reduces the time and expertise needed to support XML. An evaluation version can be downloaded from the site. www.bristol.com/exactml/erf.htm Synth-Bank Provides Briefing Video (Taco... (more)